Our Success Stories

Discover how Navabrind customers have successfully turned their ideas into reality with the help of simplified solutions.

Online shoe retailer hired front-end developer from Navabrind IT Solutions for 3-weeks

A prominent online shoe retailer from South East Asia wanted to transition their three-year-old mobile app to the latest version of Android. The client’s team successfully managed the back end of the app but needed help to launch an app with a fresh, attractive, user-friendly UI/UX. Since the client knew what they wanted, they just needed a skilled front-end developer to create this new skin. They hired a UI/UX developer with 8-years of experience from Navabrind IT Solutions. He quickly understood the clients’ needs and developed a few cool-looking mock-ups.

Education company in India reached out to Navabrind IT Solutions to migrate their legacy data to Odoo

The client wanted to migrate their legacy content to their Odoo ERP. Since the data had been collected over many years, it needed cleaning and formatting to meet Odoos’ requirements. The client hired a developer from Navabrind IT Solutions for two weeks. The developer successfully did what was required, uploaded the data to the client’s ERP, and now works for a day each month to manage the ERP and ensure it is always up to date on security patches.

A Swedish toy company hired a Navabrind IT Solutions developer for support and maintenance

A client with nine toy outlets across Sweden wanted a developer for three days each month to support and maintain their Odoo ERP, Magento 2 e-commerce platform, and Akeneo PIM. They signed up with Navabrind IT Solutions for a monthly retainer and have since had their e-commerce technology working smoothly and safely as it is always updated.

Implemented Magento 2.1.1 for a Theme Park in Denmark

We implemented a B2B module for ticket sales, integrated the ticket barcode API, and created extensions to track requests and responses. We also implemented a wholesaler and retailer special price option and a custom option to collect family members for group tickets. The portal is also integrated with the accounting software of Denmark.

Launched an Online Store in Magento 2,2.1 for a Car Service and Repair Outlet from India

We created a multi-store, multi-website set up for a car service and repair outlet, with exclusive extension for spares management. We also implemented a warehouse with a multi-level hierarchy and integrated stock transfer with the warehouse and item-wise barcode generation. We set up multi-level access for warehouse management and product-wise GST (tax requirement in India)

Developed Online Store in Magento 1.9.1 for Sportswear Retailer from Sweden

We implemented Magento for a multi-store and multi-website setup, with an MGS panel for easy front-end editing. We also integrated with Microsoft Navision ERP for order and stock sync. We deployed customer filters for price and modules for online translation and price match.

Healthcare product manufacturer implemented Odoo with customization, Canada

Our client implemented a complete ERP from Odoo. They wanted customization in their Master Production Scheduling to generate specific reports and access customized visibility into orders. Our experienced Odoo developers spent time understanding the clients’ needs, developed, tested, and went live with the customization. The client was happy with the fast and easy way they could view and generate reports.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Extension Customization in Akeneo

One of our clients installed a DAM extension and wanted it customized so that zip files and software were downloaded as part of their DAM. They also wanted each file to have a corresponding software key as part of security. Having customized a variety of applications over the years, our developers were able to understand the clients’ needs and quickly help with the customization. The client was delighted.

Boutique liquor company integrated a rewards system into their Odoo ERP

To increase brand loyalty and clear inventory quickly, our client wanted to implement a reward management system. We customized the application so that reward points could be allocated to customers based on the size of the purchase, and type of alcohol purchased. The client also adopted a mobile app to drive push notifications on discounts and clear inventory faster. The integration of the custom reward management system and the mobile app allowed the client to realize an 8% increase in sales.

Indian artifact seller reached out to Navabrind IT Solutions for advice

An Indian company selling high-quality artifacts from five outlets wanted to make the leap online. They wanted to increase their turnover rapidly now that they had received funding. This was imperative as COVID-19 had reduced footfall at their retail stores by 50%.
They came to Navabrind IT Solutions for advice and suggestions. We took a close look at the client’s business and offered various suggestions to transition to the online space. We also helped the client implement the solutions.

Recruitment company reached out to Navabrind IT Solutions for suggestions to develop an app

A recruitment company with a present in India and Middle East had a novel idea and wanted to convert it into a business application quickly and cost-effectively. They turned to Navabrind IT Solutions for suggestions on how to do this.
We studied the clients’ requirement and even sketched out a few mocks of the application. Over a couple of weeks, we also held details conversations on the pros and cons of adopting certain platforms and applications.

Thailand based tour company wanted advice on how to develop an online portal

A tour package operator wanted to go online enabling prospective clients to create highly customized packages and access quotes easily. The idea was to automate and integrate a host of backend apps that gave the tourist maximum options to plan their holiday. The client connected with Navabrind IT Solutions to map out their IT requirement, time needed to have the portal up and working, costs of development, maintenance, and support for the portal. Our consultants worked closely with the client to record their needs and identify options. We were able to close the project in a month and a half.

Developed a mobile app for a US-based Spa company

Our client wanted a mobile app to be launched across iOS and Android and wanted the app fast. Cross-platform compatibility is the order of the day, and our app development teams leveraged React Native. We understood the client’s requirement and quickly shared mockups with the features and colors requested by the client. After a few iterations, we were able to launch the app in slightly over a month. We also uploaded the app to the app stores and followed the best practices of app submission. We helped our client with app marketing assets and content that went along with the app on the store. This ensured they got an end-to-end solution right from the idea to the live app.

Built an app for a boutique hotel chain with a presence around the world

Our client wanted to create a mobile app for their hotels in the US, Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia. They wanted the app to showcase all their properties as well as the range of services offered to guests. The idea was to increase room bookings and built loyalty through a rewards system that guests could review and use through the app. We worked in the US time zone, ensured we were always available to the client to record their needs and came up with the app wireframe within weeks.

Built a mobile app for a computer consumables reseller in Malaysia

Our client sells computer consumables from 40 different companies and wanted to transition to an app and make it easier for their larger customers to review and order products quickly. The client came to us with a request to create a simple app that met the requirements of their niche clients. Our solution architect and UI/UX designer understood the need and created a few mocks for the client, quickly. In little over a month, we were able to build, test, and take the app live. Since then, we support the client on a monthly basis.

Implemented Odoo for a Postal Department in the Middle East

As part of our engagement with the client, we implemented sales, inventory, and multi-warehouse modules. We created a new module for the internal transfer of data for warehouses. We also created a workflow for customized reports and dashboards, a custom module for importing serial numbers and enabled permission-based access and reports.

Deployed a PoS on Odoo for a 4 Star Hotel in Qatar

We implemented a point of sales and a sales module. We also customized their warehouse and point of sale modules for multi-location. We created custom access for store users and managers, and approval and an attendance check-in system. We integrated a payroll feature and provided access-based control and customized reports.

International Logistics Provider, Brazil

We implemented a fleet management module; this included a purchase and sales module besides a customized employee management solution. We created fleet tracking using Google Maps API and a workflow to improve fleet services. Our engagement included integrating payment gateways, a third-party mobile API, and customizing reports.

Lifting Solutions Company from Finland

Our client is a commercial vehicle, ships, and stationary equipment lifting company. We implemented sales, purchase, and CRM modules for them in Odoo. We also customized purchase and quotation, sales, order workflows, and created an employee module connected to a CRM. To round of four engagement, we implemented a custom tax calculation module and enabled generation of customized reports.

Cloud technology service consulting for German logistics provider

A German logistics company wanted to transition all its enterprise applications to the cloud. They wanted advice to choose the best hosting service, know about the process to transition to the cloud and the time and effort it would take to integrate all their applications on the cloud. They also wanted to strengthen the security of their applications, identify redundant applications, and consolidate processes. Our solution architects carefully reviewed and mapped the client’s IT landscape. We documented applications, software, and processes. We had several client calls and in two months shared a detailed plan with suggestions.

Cloud to cloud migration and integration for a beauty products company

The client was using a little-known cloud application to manage their online stores for over five years. They were having problems accessing support and were concerned about security. This led the client to migrate to the enterprise version of Odoo. They needed help implementing the ERP, migrating data from the legacy application into Odoo, and integrating Odoo with Akeneo PIM. They also needed to clean their data, reformat it to meet Odoo requirements, and upload it into the new application. Our project manager had a few conversations with the client, understood their need and created a detailed project plan which was accepted and rolled out.

Offered managed cloud services to an auto parts manufacturer in Europe

Our client was an auto parts manufacturer and had migrated his enterprise application from Magneto to Magento 2. The client was in the middle of its busiest season and wanted to ensure their ERP stayed stable during this critical time. They wanted help with technical support, round-the-clock monitoring of the EPR, regular updating of extensions, and eventual, business user training. We helped the client with this and continue to do so.

Developed Akeneo Custom Action Rules for a client

The client wanted us to create custom action rules that would enable prices to update at regular intervals based on sales and stock movement. The clients wanted rules on a host of categories such as ‘matches, does not match, starts with, ends with, contains, time condition’ etc. We used Webkuls’ custom action rule extension for the customization.

Integrated Magento – Akeneo Connector for a Client

We integrated Magento with Akeneo using Magento connector and customized Akeneo to achieve the product attributes as in Magento. Magento was customized for a B2B requirement, and we replicated this customization in Akeneo so that price and stock details could be updated seamlessly.

Upgraded and migrated from Akeneo 3.1 to Akeneo 4.0 CE for a client

Our client wanted to upgrade and migrate from Akeneo 3.1 to Akeneo 4.0. As both versions are a little different in terms of structure, we migrated the database first and then installed Akeneo 4.0 with a plain database. After this data was migrated data. We customized the login/import section as well.

NITS Helped An Indian Fashion Brand Deck Up with a PIM

Our client is an Indian fashion brand with hundreds of varieties of clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. They needed a technology partner to quickly integrate a product information management system with their front-end and back-end. This needed to be done in a short 4 weeks and legacy data in excel needed to be cleaned and migrated into the new PIM system. We managed to test the integration and go live 4 days before the client launched a season sale.