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When we decided to enhance the website according to the client’s design frame, we suggested an eclectic mix of features, implementations, and components. Website makeover was on top of our agenda, coupled with streamlining the backend processes, giving the client complete ownership of the backend to enable operations without any developer’s support.


A savvy-looking website, with elevated performance and capabilities to reach its audience, was what the client desired. Since their Odoo implementation was already done by us, this was the next actionable step to undertake.

  • Streamlined their manufacturing process by bridging the gap between real-time and system processes. Accurate and systemized processing came into effect with customization and process streamlining. This fixed the gaps, enabled collaboration between teams, and saved cost and time
  • The manufacturing process was now seen step-wise which was earlier missing. Clients could now get complete clarity on the current stage of manufacturing, without missing any crucial stage-wise product information
  • Quality metrics were implemented according to the standards set by the client. These metrics made it easy for products to go to the inventory if matched, or get returned to the vendors if not qualified
  • Customization on Maintenance and Repairs was another crucial deliverable. All details are now captured in the system with complete information on Maintenance and Repairs
  • HR module systemized the employee tracking process. Employees' timesheets with complete log-in hours and details were mapped into the HR module
  • The key implementation was the total rework of the site which appeared outdated and lacked visual appeal. We provided an elegant design, worked on the frontend completely, and made the website score rise to A from F
  • The configuration was such that they could be independent of the developer’s help and operate with a free hand & no technical expertise needed
  • Products had many variants to it. Customization on Filters was required which we provided, so customers could conveniently select from the various options and place the order
  • Some of the components customized were: Colors, Icons, Images, Title & Content, which redesigned the whole frontend theme
  • A responsive website that works on Desktop, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet in both Landscape & Portrait
  • Algolia Search implementation was a huge achievement for the client’s business. This was the first time our team worked to provide the AI-Based Search feature
  • We delved deep to provide an intuitive and interactive design with 95% of the components configurable from their backend
  • Streamlined business processes end-to-end with an efficient approach
  • Provided Automation in most scenarios to create a seamless flow
  • Accounting | Sales | Reviews & Ratings | Shipping Gateway
  • Algolia Search | Stripe Payment Gateway | BNPL - Buy Now Pay Later
  • Auto-switching of currencies based on the customer’s Geo IP Address
  • Manufacturing | PLM | Planning
  • Maintenance | Quality | Repairs
  • Employees | Attendance | Timesheet | Time Off
  • Inventory | Purchase | Barcode
  • CRM | Live Chat | Help Desk

Navabrind provides cutting-edge solutions to industries spanning B2B, B2C, Retail, eCommerce, Manufacturing, and Accounting to name a few.

We promise to deliver impactful results for your business and don’t just stop with software implementations, but go beyond the ordinary to provide customized and personalized services that stand the test of time.

We listen, ideate, innovate, implement & support with the Midas touch.

Odoo Certified Developers, Certified Picmore Consultants & Adobe Certified Professionals

Our learning lesson was how crucial proactive communication can be, to efficiently run the project, and deliver the desired outcomes. Regular updates, coordination, and communication were the primary takeaways.

The competitive advantage seen was the wider audience reach and improved market impact made with the solutions delivered.

Backend – Odoo V13 to V16 upgrade is currently being implemented.    

Besides this, we have

  • Live Odoo Support 
  • eCommerce Revamp Project
  • Odoo & WooCommerce Integration

Our enhancements and feature-rich configurations revamped their website to make it look elegant, and its performance showed exceedingly good results. With complete flexibility provided, their website was empowered, streamlined, and simplified. Ownership to manage the backend by their own admin panel in no time was another boost to their workflows!

John Obirien - CEO


HealthCraft Products

"Navabrind Team helped us to implement Odoo Manufacturing suit for our business and migrated the existing system successfully."

Project : Odoo Integration

" We loved their uncompromised quality of service and the spontaneous response to our queries during the migration process. Improvement"
" We loved their uncompromised quality of service and the spo"... Read more

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