Drive Results, Boost Productivity With B2B Omnichannel Commerce

B2B Omnichannel Features

Navabrind’s Data Dictionary

One of our unique services forming the crux of our Omnichannel strategy is the Data Dictionary we maintain. Our client’s unique products and product information have been well-defined, customized, segregated, and then pushed into the required channels with our Data Dictionary best practices.

Handle Huge Vendor Product Data

We capture huge vendor product data from the vendor systems using our automation efficiencies. It is easier for your business to manage and customize bulks of vendor product information quickly, and store it in your system for faster business workflows.

Modules/ Features Implementations

Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) can be integrated as front end platforms to build powerful eCommerce ecosystems. Benefit from our module implementations like Payment Gateway, Shipping, Chatbot, WhatsApp & more.

Custom Themes

Our core expertise includes exceptional front end development and design. Custom themes are one of our expert services in the front end with complete admin manageability and ownership provided at the backend.

Integrate With The Existing System

Our Omnichannel approach enables integrations with your existing system. If your business needs only integration with the old system, we merge it with the latest modules and features to enhance, and build powerful functionality.

B2B Omnichannel Benefits

Improved Upselling & Cross-Selling

Customers can travel across various channels to find what they want and can be enticed with offers, and discounts. Omnichannel journeys enable sale opportunities via each medium and chances of driving cross-sell or upsell are higher.

Centralized Product Information

With our Omnichannel package, your B2B product data will be stored, enriched, and seamlessly flow to other channels, so you get consistent and uniform data.

Focus On Significant Business Goals

We deliver end-to-end Omnichannel commerce so that you channel your focus toward other significant business development goals, leaving operational excellence to us.

Reduced Manual Errors & Duplication

Get similar product data across all channels. With automated solutions, facilitate digitally-enabled data with no manual intervention, ensuring no duplication and errors.

Enriched Product Data

Explore enriched product data with features that will be mapped into the PIM systems like Akeneo and Pimcore to flow into other channels for elevated business efficiency.

How Does Omnichannel Selling Work?

Build a seamless B2B with integrations to improve business performance. eCommerce for a flawless and customized front end, operational efficiency with Odoo for the backend, and PIM systems like Akeneo and Pimcore solutions for digitally-enabled product data, integrated to form a B2B powerhouse.

Case Studies

  • Netherlands


    Increased Sales


    Elevated eCommerce Performance




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  • United States


    Increased Operational Efficiency


    Increased Sales




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  • India


    Stockable Attributes


    Service Attributes




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  • Canada


    Reduced Operational Costs


    Cost and Time saved by




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Industries We Serve

Discover value-driven services to industries across all touchpoints. Be it B2B, Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain, eCommerce, Manufacturing, or Finance and Accounting. We have served brands in this wide spectrum of industries with customizations and integrations.

Power your B2B with Navabrind’s tailored solutions!

Delivering a powerful infrastructure for your B2B with unique integrations covering the front end with Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify; Akeneo, Pimcore PIM systems for enriched product data, and Backend optimized with Odoo modules.

Asked Questions

Yes, the Odoo community edition is available without any cost. Odoo offers two editions: the Community edition, which is free and open source, and the Enterprise edition, where pricing depends on factors such as region, number of users, selected apps, and hosting

  • Multiple Channels To Choose From
  • Increase In Revenue as More Touchpoints Are Involved
  • Increase In Customer Loyalty & Customer Retention
  • Improved Brand Value & Recommendations
  • Seamless Inventory Management

Multichannel offers only one or two sales channels. As a result, customer journeys are not completely seamless and integrations are also limited, thereby limiting purchases, sales, and more potential positive outcomes. 

Omnichannel experience provides many sales channels to form a uniform and integrated approach. It personalizes each channel for maximum business benefits.

An Omnichannel strategy allows customers to recommend your brand proactively by showing your brand’s presence on various channels and via opportunities. Marketing is also enhanced as the brand is visible on multiple mediums, be it print, social media, mobile apps, or on-site as in physical stores.

  • Personalization & Customization Options
  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Flexibility
  • Easy Payment Options
  • Enhanced & Responsive Web Design
  • Flexibility For Integrations
  • Provides Analytics & Reporting
  • A Holistic Approach With Multiple Sales Channels & Integrations 
  • Digitized Sales & Marketing Channels
  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Cross-Team & Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Enriched Product Data