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With a decade of experience as a certified Odoo service provider and an Odoo development company, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower your business at every stage.

Odoo for Retail

From inventory management and sales tracking to purchase control and finance oversight, our comprehensive solution optimizes every aspect of your retail business. With real-time statistics, automated procurement, and detailed point-of-sale (PoS) control, you can manage stock levels, track sales success, and achieve efficient order fulfillment.

Odoo Manufacturing Intelligence

Experience peak efficiency in manufacturing with Odoo Manufacturing Intelligence. From streamlined production planning to cost control and real-time data insights, our solution empowers you to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and make informed decisions, all while maintaining top-notch quality control.

Odoo Planogram

Experience 3D visualization on intelligent PMS within Odoo. Planogram Management System helps organize layouts, increase product visibility, give complete stock updates, aid in cross-selling with strategic in-store placement, avoid stock mismanagement, and accelerate buying. Increase brand value, visual appeal, customer engagement, and drive sales with our Digital Shelf Optimization from Planogram-Odoo integration.

Odoo Finance & Accounting

Simplify financial management with Odoo Accounting. Enjoy an intuitive interface, mobile support, advanced reconciliation, and automation, all while benefiting from multi-currency capabilities and seamless integration with third-party applications like SAP, Oracle, and more. Experience enhanced financial management of your business.

Odoo eCommerce

Take advantage of the entire order-to-delivery cycle, with multilingual support and a user-friendly interface. Boost productivity with numerous modules, an efficient website builder, and seamless integrations. Craft stunning product pages, streamline product management, and achieve faster ROI.

Secondary Sales Management

 Improve supply chain, achieve precise target versus achievement measurements, and gain insights for strategic sales and marketing decisions. Gain better visibility, control, and advanced analytics while optimizing inventory and boosting sales performance. Empower your business with Secondary Sales Management.

Odoo Distribution & Dealership Management

Effortlessly manage dealers, monitor inventory, and enhance efficiency while reducing costs and saving time. Enjoy accurate visit reports, efficient order management, and error reduction. With Odoo Dealers and Distributors Module, empower your business for streamlined operations and faster, error-free trading.

Odoo Functional Training

Maximize efficiency and productivity by training employees how to harness the full potential of Odoo ERP software. Streamline business operations across major modules, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making. Essential for industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and finance, Odoo Functional training saves time and money while enabling strategic focus and data accuracy.

24/7 Odoo Support

Experience uninterrupted business excellence with our 24/7 Odoo Support service. Our dedicated team provides round-the-clock support across all time zones, ensuring your systems run seamlessly whenever you need assistance. Count on us for immediate, expert help for all your business operations.

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Understanding Your Vision

We begin by actively listening to our clients, comprehending their unique requirements, and envisioning their goals. By bridging the gap between their current state and desired outcomes, we lay the foundation for a successful partnership.

Identifying and Mapping

Precision paves the way to success! Through careful identification, we meticulously map out every detail during the initial stage. This comprehensive roadmap serves as our guiding compass, ensuring a seamless and streamlined development process.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Our team of skilled developers work diligently to develop solutions tailored to your needs. We deliver the solution and provide continuous support to accommodate any necessary changes.

Empowering with Knowledge

Our commitment doesn’t end with development, but we at Navabrind also provide hands-on training to empower your team with the skills needed to leverage the software effectively.


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Asked Questions

Yes, the Odoo community edition is available without any cost. Odoo offers two editions: the Community edition, which is free and open source, and the Enterprise edition, where pricing depends on factors such as region, number of users, selected apps, and hosting

Yes, the Odoo community edition is available without any cost. Odoo offers two editions: the Community edition, which is free and open source, and the Enterprise edition, where pricing depends on factors such as region, number of users, selected apps, and hosting.

Customizing the Odoo ERP system makes it work the way your business needs. Custom Odoo development removes things that can confuse users and changes the source code to fit your business. This can also help reduce repeating tasks and get rid of things that don’t matter, which can make your employees work better.

The time needed varies for each business, depending on how advanced the company wants its ERP system. The cost for making Custom Odoo Apps can change based on what’s needed. To know the exact cost, it’s best to talk to our team.

Our Odoo Development services span across a wide array of industries. With proficiency in more than 10 sectors, including Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Fashion, and others, Navabrind can support various business domains. Our industry-flexible approach allows us to gain extensive experience on the Odoo platform, ensuring adaptable solutions.

When it comes to picking between Odoo and SAP, keep in mind that Odoo is open-source and works well for small, medium, and large businesses. SAP, on the other hand, is better for big companies. Also, learning how to use Odoo is easier than learning SAP.