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Our client had the vision to revolutionize the online gifting portal. With a huge product range, it had multiple attributes that required efficient streamlining. Automation was another change in the overall operations that became a mandatory implementation.

Our team worked strategically to provide all these coupled with the best marketing solutions and delivered an impactful website. Another goal was to have a super-fast loading speed, which Navabrind configured using React as the front-end and gave a high-performance portal.

We kickstarted the website analysis by figuring out the previous configurations and came back with a concrete plan of user-friendly features and robust software. We had elaborate discussions and workshops on the roadmap ahead which was carried out.

Summing up our proactive strategy process – We analyzed their business operations, proposed what needed to be implemented for improved sales, coordinated with the client’s team, and provided expert solutions, which increased profits.

  1. Implemented React PWA frontend store with the Magento backend. This helped with website optimization, which is the key reason for an impactful SEO and customer retention
  2. The centralized Order Processing Backend System was built on Odoo ERP V16. We worked relentlessly on Odoo ERP by streamlining and simplifying their entire business workflow. There was seamless integration after our service was provided. Besides this, we successfully upgraded their Odoo V13 to V16 and enhanced their business. The result was time-saving for business operations and efficient management of orders
  3. Suggested and implemented Akeneo PIM for improved product management from Vendors. We also helped manage them in a user-friendly approach and with complete control for future vendor product enrichments
  • Encountered issues in multi-vendor product data import via Cron through XML
  • Payment gateway module was outdated
  • The convenience of paying later by customers was a significant feature that wasn't available previously
  • Existing customer designer tool was outdated. With the availability of only one designer tool, visual engagement, and customer centricity were hindered
  • Dutch translation for the upgraded XML import was not available which caused inconvenience to the customers
  • Manually modified XML products were overwritten when the data was imported via cron
  • Manual size for products that customers can choose, was not available
  • Vendor product margin calculations and applications were earlier done manually which became time-consuming & thereby resulted in errors
  • Images were not optimized which impacted website performance to a large extent
  • For certain customizable products, the UI was not appropriate which led to customer dissatisfaction
  • Real-time delivery dates of the products were not displayed to customers. This was a hitch in providing them with detailed order insights
  • Upgraded the multi-vendor product data import script to handle the latest data format from vendors automatically
  • Payment gateway module was upgraded to handle the latest features
  • Mondu Pay later feature was a key implementation done by us, which provided customers with ease in payment options
  • Upgraded the existing online designer tool to incorporate the additional features and integrated an additional designer tool to provide more options & convenience to the customer
  • Successfully configured translation from English to Dutch using the upgraded XML script. It was implemented via CSV import and Admin panel
  • Custom feature was introduced on the attribute level to avoid data being overwritten on multiple scenarios for each vendor product having complete control
  • Custom feature was introduced on the product details page, which enabled the customers to define their manual size for the applicable products
  • Introduced the Product Pricing Matrix feature. This allowed the admin to define the price rules for each vendor. Later, the same was calculated dynamically along with the multiple rules based on the configuration when the XML script imported them
  • Custom module was integrated to automatically optimize images whenever an image was uploaded
  • Custom UI development was implemented and configured in admin. Using attributes, the admin can decide the layouts for the product frontend
  • Delivery dates were automatically derived & displayed to the customers based on the selected variants and the custom options. This provides detailed insight into the exact delivery dates to the customers
  • Implementing a feature to control the vendor product data and retain the conditions as configured
  • Strategically ideating on a custom theme for the overall website & giving it a major makeover

Milestone 1 – Implemented Akeneo PIM system as one source of truth for their end-to-end product management for both the client’s store and their vendor store

Milestone 2 – Upgraded their eCommerce UI with React as frontend

Milestone 3 – Refined their backend operations and Order Fulfillment Process

Our solutions helped their business expand and increase sales by 40%.

We achieved the goal of multiple configurations with automation for different levels of managing their own products, vendor products, customizable options, pricing, taxes, fulfillment & more…

Another key solution was automation at all levels which saw manual intervention reduce by 70% and provided a faster time to market.

Our progress strategy is such that instead of purchasing, we prefer developing the software and configurations. Most modules in this project were built by us which reduced costs to a large extent. Successful implementation of CDN S3 contributed to server optimization in turn saving costs.

Navabrind was enthralled to work on Promofit’s online store and targeted a seamless website experience with customization for their product range. Each Product Detail Page (PDP) was curated to meet the specifications of the particular category, and we implemented different personalization techniques for every product category available in the store! This was a crucial development in their online visibility, which resulted in a feature-rich website.

We worked on both their online and offline processing. Simplified, automated processes, optimized, and delved deep into customizations for seamless and efficient operations.

If you wish to get expert advice, support, and solutions on B2B and B2C eCommerce marketplaces, to create portals in various industries including retail, sports, health and wellness, hospitality, automobile, food, computers and hardware, gifting and accessories, and other industries, then let’s talk!

  • On-time product data synchronization across all systems was improved to a staggering 99.9%
  • Reduced manual effort by 70%

Increased Sales


Elevated eCommerce Performance


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Increased Sales


Elevated eCommerce Performance