• There were multiple systems seen in their business operations. Since the client has both stockable products and service products, they were both managed in different systems, which made it difficult to comprehend operations and also hindered a smooth workflow
  • The use of Excel files to handle all Pandit services and their related Masters was an inconvenience that consumed a lot of time. Automation was needed to convert the use of Excel files into automated data entry
  • Since the client has a massive inventory and the resources/ teams working on it are equally large, the validation/ review of tasks was not a streamlined process. It became chaotic with multiple users assessing projects
  • Product data update history was not efficiently managed. There were inconsistencies found regarding who updated the data and who approved it. In such scenarios, the traceability of the product data update was missing, which needed a workflow process implementation
  • Likewise, manual product data entry and updating was another hitch we encountered, that caused errors and wasted resources' time spent on it
  • Product data was missing at a few intervals. This hindered members from utilizing it productively
  • The time to market was longer and this needed a prompt upgrade
  • The implementation of the Pimcore PIM system enabled accurate data quality checks which were one of our remarkable solutions. The missing data or the incorrect data was checked and highlighted, so as to provide an enriched product experience & one source of truth
  • Implemented an interesting feature like Product Versioning. With this, it is easier to go back to the previous version and apply the product data available there. This implementation prevented chaos and made old-version publishing possible & getting to know what was published earlier became a hassle-free process
  • Implemented user-level access & privileges. This was for the multiple teams available and made it convenient for the different users belonging to different groups/ teams like the marketing & sales teams to access Attributes in a befitting & systematic way
  • Provided customized product templates for Amazon & Flipkart integrations. This made it easier to push the products to their respective channels
  • A noteworthy implementation was a custom workflow that simplified management & resources, validating product data enrichments for improved product publications. The custom workflow also helped the right resources/ leaders in reviewing tasks & aimed at streamlined, faster go-to-market
  • Another interesting configuration was the mapping of products. Products found in the stockable products list were mapped with the ones found on the services page. The mapping was done successfully which highlighted product relevance
  • Imaging and visual aesthetics were worked upon. Image customization was another implementation we delivered. According to the relevant channels, the system will generate multi-dimensional images dynamically, and push them accordingly
  • SEO management was another key deliverable made by us. We enhanced their SEO by providing relevant product SEO Attributes, not only for the product data but also for the product images
  • Managed the blog content and mapped the blog products in Pimcore. This made the blog page look visually attractive and mapping helped streamline the product data
  • Managing the static Service page content including the About Us, Terms & Conditions, etc.,
  • The SKU of the products are now generated dynamically based on the multiple conditions (~8+ rules)
  • Taxonomy was another customization we helped deliver. Custom product taxes were calculated according to each channel’s functionalities
  • Channels configured are now user-friendly and do not involve any coding expertise or developer support to switch between desired instances. This provides flexibility to access the various scenarios in a simplified way without any software knowledge required
  • We also customized a lot of Attributes that helped breakdown product data for an efficient product experience

We collaborated with their teams that were in charge of Vinculum, Zwing POS, and Shopify to align with Pimcore. The communication was with these three teams and we were successful in collating the various data required from them to test the integration and synchronization scenarios.

Testing it for demos was crucial to us and the data we collected made us do the testing without hindrances. The cross-functional collaboration was efficiently carried out by us and regular updates propelled the project pace.

Our success rate in this project is higher than ever because of the brand recognition the client holds globally. And for Navabrind to work on a big project with a huge inventory, we took this challenge head-on. A key feature we delivered was the data quality check that was at an unsurpassed level.

A global client with an impeccable legacy, and many teams/ members working for them, we adeptly understood their requirements, provided an empowered PIM system like Pimcore, made custom changes for many Attributes, and streamlined product data to provide a beautiful customer shopping experience.

  • Pimcore PIM system implementation
  • Superior data quality check
  • Integrated multiple channels (ERP, eCommerce & POS), and Amazon & Flipkart marketplace integrations
  • Custom Workflows & more…

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Project : PIMCORE Implementation

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