Odoo ERP is the new PIM: Power of Two Functionalities in One Ecosystem

We have built the first-ever fully functional PIM solution within Odoo. An AI-driven dynamic catalog management system built to reduce your IT expenditure, save time, and increase your ROI.

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PIM in Odoo - Make your product data more awesome

Your Odoo ERP has long been the one source of truth for operational efficiency across business touchpoints. Open-source business apps from Odoo form a suite to manage complex business processes.

Our team at Navabrind thought why not innovate something awesome to add to Odoo’s superpower? Why not build PIM which is a Product Information Management system that enriches product content into Odoo itself?

Let’s get this straight… PIM is not integrated with Odoo, rather PIM is developed into your existing Odoo, so Odoo plays PIM’s role like a breeze! Odoo will now add more flexibility to business processes and work PIM’s charm.

Curious to know more? Reap greater benefits for your business with our PIM built into Odoo than by using them as two separate platforms. No external connectors, no extra set of developers, and no integration fuss! It’s an all-in-one single product curated to provide holistic development for your business.

Simply put, it’s double the impact, and double the efficiency from one single ecosystem!

Odoo PIM as one product catalog management software is our Avant-Garde.

Because we care...

Because we care...

When we thought of giving back to our customers, an AI-driven dynamic catalog management system, Odoo PIM is all we passionately worked for! We want your business to cut down on costly errors, save time and resources, benefit from two powerful platforms integrated as one, and increase ROI

If you are in the sales team, marketing team, brand manager, product data manager, catalog manager, or in just about any industry that needs a game-changer, you need a Go-To-Market Ready Odoo PIM.

Because we care...

Odoo PIM

Unlock a flawless eCommerce experience

Odoo PIM is what you need to drive a riveting eCommerce. Compatible with the leading giants like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wix, and more, it will open doors to an enhanced user experience, increased website performance, increased sales, business growth, seamless customer shopping with Omnichannel efficiency and 10X faster time to market.

Unlock a flawless eCommerce experience

And how does it work?

We are saving you from all the extra connectors and integrations. Configuring Odoo PIM into your system is easier than integrating them with a connector when they are standalone systems. Talk of wholesomeness…

Scale with Odoo PIM

Don’t you wish for a solution that adapts to the changing market needs and grows with your enterprise? We have your back.

Our Odoo PIM solution will scale with your enterprise and be market-fit at all times. It’s scalability and flexibility will resonate with the ever-evolving market trends.

Industries who will love our Odoo PIM

Furniture – Compelling product experiences

Buying furniture is a personalized shopping experience & customers look for specifics that match their home decor. Odoo PIM will manage product descriptions, colors, textures, materials, dimensions, weight, infographics & videos to more technical specifications like sustainability certifications, legal authentication processes & more…

FMCG – Adapt to changing consumer choices

Untangle complex data, be in sync with growing market trends & provide sustainable choices. FMCG is a niche industry that requires more than just an eCommerce solution to scale.

Automobile Spares – Steer ahead with data management solutions

In a competitive automobile landscape, managing intricate parts, adhering to changing fitment standards & dealing with a huge supply chain can be exhausting. Odoo PIM will match the automotive industry’s tough demands.

Electronics – Unlock the brilliance of design-based development

The electronics industry thrives on the latest technology for product design & development. Expand the design processes & integrate them with marketing channels for a maverick brand identity.

Brilliant as a standalone PIM too

Brilliant as a standalone PIM too

Take a deep dive into our Odoo PIM and you will discover it is also a standalone PIM. Making it a flexible product that can be prioritized for its PIM’s brilliance and a tailored PIM system.

Open a whole world of possibilities by using our uniquely crafted solution as a specific PIM system too and integrate it with your eCommerce like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. Strengthen product catalogs for marketing content in your eCommerce with our exclusive PIM enrichment capabilities.

But what exactly is PIM?

It simply sorts.

PIM is a Product Information Management system that brings all product data to a central hub. No confusing spreadsheets, no external files, and no manual work of collecting them from different places. 

What does PIM manage?

How is PIM a cut above the ordinary?

How is PIM a cut above the ordinary?


Frequently asked questions

With a PIM built into Odoo, it is a single ecosystem managing end-to-end business touchpoints. Odoo manages complex business processes & PIM enriches product catalogs as an all-in-one solution. Hence, there is no need for external third-party PIM tools or external developers.

With a PIM built into Odoo, it is a single ecosystem managing end-to-end business touchpoints. Odoo manages complex business processes & PIM enriches product catalogs as an all-in-one solution. Hence, there is no need for external third-party PIM tools or external developers.

Odoo PIM integrates with eCommerce sites like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce & more. Establish a seamless eCommerce experience and manage limitless products, get stunning product pages, integrate shipping and payment gateways, one-step checkout and faster sales.

While most companies in the market offer PIM integrated with Odoo with a connector, we have developed a unique solution with PIM built into Odoo, and it doesn’t need an external connector. Save costs of extra subscriptions or upgrades.

Elevate your marketing game with enriched product catalogs. Build product descriptions, maintain SEO, images, videos, audio, translations for country-specific data & more.

  • No external third-party PIM tool is required
  • Automated solutions
  • High scalability
  • Sell across multiple marketplaces
  • Power of two functionalities into one