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Experience the benefits of a robust Shopify-Odoo ERP Integration

Integrate your Shopify e-commerce store with Odoo ERP. Combine Shopify’s effectiveness with Odoos flexibility to maximize the utilization of your store. Import products, customers, and orders from the Shopify store to Odoo. Synchronize collection from the Shopify store to Odoo to manage them effectively in Odoo. You can also map Shopify’s taxes, payment methods, and currency in Odoo.

Key Features of a Shopify-Odoo Integration


  • Synchronize product cost, description, images, inventory, options, price, SKU, title, and weight from Shopify with Odoo.
  • Import and update products from Shopify in Odoo in real-time.
  • Map products in Shopify to Odoo products through a CSV file.
  • Import Shopify collections to Odoo with a click.


  • Import orders, invoices, and shipment orders placed in Shopify to Odoo.
  • Map Shopify shipping methods with Odoo shipping methods.
  • Map taxes are present in Shopify with Odoo taxes.
  • Map Shopify payment methods and currencies with Odoo payment methods for hassle-free management of the orders.


  • Map fiscal positions and send to Odoo order while syncing.
  • Auto-update mapped products and new collections.
  • Sync product description as website description in Odoo.
  • Sync Shopify variant price with Odoo.
  • Auto-sync customer type, new customers, and addresses.

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