Planogram In Odoo Will Revolutionize Your Retail Business

It is the era of going digital for almost everything, and you thought the online ecosystem would be crawling behind? The arrangement of products in a store, especially in the retail store, demands a makeover in the conceptualization of its arrangement. To enable this process, software like Planogram is widely used today by retail businesses. 

Planogram Builds Powerful Retail-ERP Solutions!

Customizing the planogram software in Odoo ERP for retail businesses. Why should you consider it?

Retail businesses have large inventories that may lie scattered with inefficient streamlining. With huge product information from various geographies, these need a systematic alignment with no mess! This is when an ERP solution comes to the rescue to handle the massive inventory, connect all business functions, and manage product data from one centralized repository. But here comes the catch! Even an ERP today would need digitalized software to enhance its functionalities. The hunt for these solutions has landed the retailers on the Planogram software! 

When the Planogram Management System (PMS) is integrated within the Odoo ERP, it naturally strengthens the potentiality of the systems and makes way for better analysis of the products. Products received, products still in progress or yet to be received, and a lot more metrics and figures are known to the retailer. The accuracy of the data involved and the whole merchandising cycle come to a full circle with the connection between the PMS and Odoo ERP. There is end-to-end accessibility, flexibility, and availability of enriched data!

If you are looking for one such intuitive platform like the Planogram to empower your retail business, Navabrind will work around your requirements, customize it, and use it efficiently connecting it to Odoo ERP for greater business sales!


Retail Digitalization Through Planograms

Call it the shelf space plans, schematics, a space plan, or plan-o-grams (POG), it is an empowering module to visually represent store products, induce attractiveness of the products in display, align them better for maximum exposure, and elevate customer satisfaction.  

The success ratio of any store depends on the efficient use of its space, to minimize wasted space and look visually appealing to the buyer. All this is managed by the Planogram software which is a graphical representation of the items available. 

Every Stock Keeping Unit or SKU finds its way into the Planogram software which places it systematically and helps it get marketed strategically. This is a marketing tool and a part of the larger marketing approach too. 

An interesting fact is that the diagram in the software should always adhere to the principles of Planogram, which is the luxury of providing the consumer with a visual representation, streamlining display, avoiding mismanagement, and amplify buying.

Planogram For Retailers: How Does It Help?

Planogramming will leverage productivity for the retail business owner…!
If there is one genre of business that requires a systematic arrangement of products, it is the retail business, which thanks to the massive inventory it operates with, requires streamlining. The Planogram tool is a boon to such a business where the items can be placed, and located effortlessly, and with recurring placements, helps the customers to spot them easily, irrespective of which part of the world they are in!

The software is intelligent enough to take a few factors into consideration for the retail owner. Customer behavior, product arrangement, and shelf space are determined by the Planogram and the visual diagram directs the placement with insightful details to create riveting store layouts.

Planogram Designs!

  • Horizontal product placement
  • Vertical product placement
  • Block placement
  • Product display based on margin
  • Product display based on market share

Planogram management is essential to understand the algorithm behind the software and use it to maximum advantage!

Explaining How Planogram Will Offer The Best Automated Solutions To Retail Inventory!

Ask any retail business owner for that one standout feature he desires to implement, to streamline his inventory better, it will be the flexibility to handle inventory without manual effort. Automation is what shapes the retail business into a digitalized version, and Planogram is one such breakthrough solution that provides superior automation to retail’s massive inventory. 
A Planogram takes into account the specifications of the products and calculates to provide an in-depth analysis. Height, width, depth, price, category, brand name, and more are required of the particular product to feed the software. And once done, it automatically calculates the amount of inventory that can be placed on the store shelf.

It is fed with an intelligent algorithm to perform these functions and produces a visually appealing layout of the retail store, that only maximizes the brand reputation and increases customer engagement. There are no manual drawings or Excels involved, which are both time-saving, thereby accelerating business productivity.

High-tech Innovative Software

Unravel a contemporary product arrangement with 3D visualization! Switching to the 3D feature will take the retailer on an eclectic visual journey of the store and experience an empowered version of the store’s layout. The colors, fabrics, and lighting through the 3D mode of the Planogram software help experience a virtual touch-and-feel of the products.  The 3D mode will deliver a pleasurable journey with real-time metric-based product display.

How Does Planogram in Retail Business Solve Key Challenges?

The Retail-Planogram connect

  • Amplify House Sales Through Planogram

Boost sales and also house-brand sales with planogram product placement. The software with all metrics and data will decide on the crucial locations that are best-suited for sales. The retailer is in an advantageous position to sell their own brands and market them. A good start to house sales can be a major benefit of using the Planogram software. 

  • Trigger Impulse Buying

Consumers are driven by intuition! It is a known fact that impulse buying happens when the millennial customer needs to satiate shopping demands on the go. Enticing this new-age buyer through an eye-catching product display is now possible with the intuitiveness of the Planogram software. Cross-selling is a tactic applied to trigger impulse buying and can be effectively used as part of the Planogram strategy. 

  • Visually Stunning Store!

As vibrant as a Planogram can be, it transcends the visual appeal to the actual store itself. The retail owner goes by the exact diagram of the software, and then places and groups products in a similar way. It is great for sales and persuades a customer’s buying decision. This mainly means the store gets an image makeover and looks inviting to the customer. The store exudes visual appeal which is an effective marketing tactic.

  • Proficient Inventory Management

An overall view of the stocks that need to be placed correctly or those items that need to be refilled gives the retail owner surety and total control over the inventory. When products are out of stock or when overstocked, it can be known to the business merchant whether they are listed location-wise or SKU-based. It is empowering to the business merchant to streamline the inventory in the store without having to do anything manually and still get a perfect layout!

  • Shelf Space Optimization

You wouldn’t want it any other way but getting to know from an analytical diagram how to optimize the shelf space in the store! Shelf Planogram intelligently will tell you where the stocks need to be placed, whether in sales-tagged locations or if they can be grouped, avoiding the clutter and chaos with the right storage ideas. This reduces wasted space and makes room for more inventory display on shelves. 

  • Team Collaboration

Every thriving business requires its teams to collaborate on projects and execute client demands. With Planogram, it is now possible to have resources working on the same software, divide tasks mutually, and make group decisions for better future decision-making. A lot of team members can work on the Planogram at the same time. 

Visual Merchandising Through Planogram Software Helps Boost Retail Sales

  • Products are better exposed
  • Triggers impulse busying & encourages house brand selling
  • Elevates visual appeal
  • Complete stock analysis for future stock buying
  • Provides insightful supply analysis
  • Provides space clarity

Be the game-changer in the retail ecosystem with innovative Planogram software connected to Odoo ERP. Our team will evaluate and customize a Planogram system for ERP solutions. Reach out to us to DIGITIZE YOUR RETAIL BUSINESS! 

Foster business productivity and modernize day-to-day operations. 

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