Is WooCommerce a Good E-Commerce Platform?

Have you hit upon an e-commerce idea? Do you want to add a storefront to your WordPress blog or website? As a beginner-friendly platform, WooCommerce can get you up and running quickly.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in, and all you need to do is install it on your WordPress blog or website. WooCommerce comes with features such as creating pages, payments, currency, shipping, taxes and others.

While the plug-in is free, you will need to pay for the SSL certificate to ensure security. If you are not integrating with a pre-existing website you will have to buy a domain name and web hosting space as well. Some users pair WooCommerce with Bluehost to simplify the installation and management of WooCommerce.

If your website or blog is already hosted on WordPress, you can access thousands of free WordPress plugins via WooCommerce. Some of the plugins include contact forms, lead generation forms, analytics, SEO, performance optimization, and others. Since WooCommerce is a prominent e-commerce plug-in a large number of services have also built plugins for it.

WooCommerce offers storefront themes that are totally customizable. A small e-commerce company usually has limited budgets and WooCommerce is cost-effective.

Other features of WooCommerce are

  • An option to add a blog to your platform
  • Engage in unlimited customizations, especially if you can code or get your technology partner to do it for you
  • Pick and choose the features you want from hundreds of extension
  • Install key extensions like abandoned card recovery and stock management

Reach out to Navabrind IT Solutions if you want to implement and manage your WooCommerce store. We can also help you integrate it with a host of plugins and maintain your store for you. We create B2B, B2D, and B2C e-commerce websites and you can reach us to begin a conversation.

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