Magento Pimcore Integration: The Ultimate Guide To Know Its Importance!

Even if your business has a stellar range of products and unique services to offer your audience, factor in the popularity of the site, and if there is a possibility to scale even higher, then wouldn’t you want to implement this success strategy?

Fortunately, there are so many innovative ecommerce platforms that your website can be built on, but Magento remains the top choice. It is undoubtedly a flawless one that takes your online store to scale new heights. 

What if we told you, all this can be multiplied when Magento and another platform are integrated? What is the secret mantra we are talking about? It is Magento integrating with a Product Information Management (PIM) system called Pimcore.

Magento-Pimcore integration spirals into a resilient, benefit-building, and customer-centric online store!

What is a Product Information Management PIM?

PIM is a master repository of data that manages content across various digital touchpoints. And it is so crucial today if your online business revolves around multi-channel marketing and omnichannel selling. There was always a need for Magento to bring all product data into one single unified system. Since collecting and storing data manually was the everyday norm and a single source of operation was missing, a solution was needed at the earliest. PIM Magento integration was the change ecommerce needed!

Compared to an ERP, Pim especially caters to ecommerce business needs and brings all sales channels together. When Magento started, it did so well, and with the boom in its sales, operating on an expansive level became a requirement. It was at this juncture that the ecommerce world demanded a PIM!


Delving deeper into Pimcore – Digital Asset Management (DAM)!

A groundbreaking development to enrich customer experiences and add value to the digital world, Pimcore is an award-winning open-source content management system founded in 2013. It is written in PHP and provides a unified view of all enterprises related to assets, customer, and product data. The digital world is flooded with a lot of Product Information Management (PIM) systems, but Pimcore is still the popular choice and unbeatable due to the many hats it dons.

Top industries implement Pimcore to further their business growth. Audi, Pepsi, Yamaha, and so many global stalwarts choose Pimcore. Why is Pimcore so close to an online merchant’s heart? What makes it a smashing hit in the ecommerce world?

Pimcore's top functionality extends into

  1. Customer Data Management
  2. Digital Asset Management
  3. Master Data Management

Industries that benefit from Pimcore

Although Pimcore is suitable for any industry niche, retailers and manufacturing businesses need it the most to leverage maximum growth. It provides an ideal architecture that offers personalized customer needs, and the multi-vendor marketplace benefits a lot from Pimcore solutions. In the retail industry, the right product content is of significant importance, Pimcore is flexible enough to sync it across diverse channels and this makes it a boon to omnichannel retailing. 

In the manufacturing sector, a single source of data and accessibility to tools is crucial! And with Pimcore, this is a breeze considering it delivers accurate data information, collaborates with suppliers, and speeds up time to market. Why can’t Magento then integrate with Pimcore to build a unique platform with multiplied benefits, that will redefine your B2B/ B2C game?

An ecommerce retailer or a manufacturer where huge product catalogs are in day-to-day use would need a Pimcore. It is only befitting that a multi-vendor marketplace chooses to integrate its website with Pimcore to enhance the overall architecture. 

Magento requires integration with Pimcore to handle huge product data and deliver it to various market segments. Once integrated, site owners can conveniently export products, categories, images, and listings from Pimcore to Magento.

Why Does Magento Need Pimcore?

Does your business offer contemporary shopping features? Is your online store truly meeting your B2B/ B2C audience demands? Give wings to your online store so it has a high fly! Pimcore with Magento is the welcome change your online store needs to be the breakthrough solution. 

Pimcore coming into contact with Magento enables operational excellence for your business, cuts down data management costs, and avoids other data-driven mismanagement. It eradicates all product silos, provides your audience with impressive content, and automated processes, and avoids redundancies. Magento needs a PIM to fix the gaps and Pimcore is a magic potion that delivers all this and beyond.

You can also read this blog post, “Benefits of PIM for the Manufacturing Industry” >>

  • Export categories
  • Map Pimcore categories with Magento
  • Export the attributes
  • Support product images
  • Export products to many stores
  • Export products and their variants
  • Magento Pimcore Integration Makes Your Business Future-Fit!

    Most industries do not realize that customers are backing out due to inconveniences while shopping. It doesn’t come into the spotlight unless you try another option of collaborating with two platforms that can satisfy customer demands. That is why Magento needs a Pimcore if you want to make your business future-fit. 

    Why Should You Integrate Magento & Pimcore?

    Efficient product management

    When you integrate Magento with Pimcore, product data is enriched and everything relevant to the products is streamlined effectively. With a large number of product data to handle, it is important to get it automated and maintain accurate product information. Improve your customer experience by maintaining consistent and accurate product data.

    Faster time to market

    Product management forms the crux of any business and when they are looked into consistently, the scope to add new products is easier. The time to market for new products will be faster and businesses can look forward to more productive times.

    Improved customer experience

    Customers love shopping on websites that offer them the real thing! Accuracy and consistency in product data are visible to the customer and this establishes the trust factor between your business and customer. Pimcore when integrated with Magento does not disappoint in providing the right product information.

    Similar tech stack

    Pimcore gives merchants an opportunity to get innovative because of its APIs. And a huge advantage lies in both platforms being built on the same technology stack (LAMP stack). This makes it no-fuss work for your IT team. 

    Enhanced flexibility

    Managing multiple inventories from different locations in one place gives complete control over stock levels. This way you can track your inventory and manage it better. Magento Pimcore integration provides total flexibility to handle inventories.

    Why Should You Integrate Magento & Pimcore?

    Almost any company that wants to maximize business sales can implement this integration, but if your company fits under most of the categories listed below, then you must steal this deal!

    What are they

    • Your business has a global clientele or starting on selling internationally
    • The need to optimize product management
    • There are a huge number of SKUs
    • There is a need to decrease returns and cut down on complaints
    • To boost conversions
    • Eradicate manual efforts and needs automation
    • Huge data from multiple suppliers
    • If there is incorrect data spread
    • If omnichannel selling in marketing and sales is the new goal for your business!

    Navabrind has worked with clients for Magento Pimcore integration. We take pride in offering the most consistent, scalable, and powerful integrations. With our team of experienced software developers, we also offer support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth running of your projects!

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