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Navabrind has a footprint across global countries in delivering reliable cloud services, be it Public, Private, Hybrid, or Multicloud across enterprises. Our cloud solutions will reduce your IT costs, elevate IT infrastructure, and improve business resilience.


Harness the potential of our cloud migration services for your business’s complex applications, and make a shift to modernized platforms. Transfer data from the existing system to a robust performing cloud.


Architect applications in a multicloud infrastructure with maximized security and control. Build automated, cost-optimized, and integrated applications. Benefit from various cloud types and cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft® Azure®, Google Cloud Platform, and other SaaS providers like Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP.


Fuel growth with our cloud optimization strategies. Once deployed to the cloud, we configure modern solutions across your IT stack. Update the software, streamline operations, and incorporate best practices, fostering a financially sound IT business.

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Navabrind serves a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, and more. Our expertise is tailored to meet the unique needs of each sector, driving success and innovation.


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asked questions

Yes, the Odoo community edition is available without any cost. Odoo offers two editions: the Community edition, which is free and open source, and the Enterprise edition, where pricing depends on factors such as region, number of users, selected apps, and hosting

There are two major types of cloud; Public Clouds and Private Clouds. Public clouds are often referred to as Cloud Computing. Microsoft and AWS are the two public cloud platforms. These platforms pool their resources in data centers that are distributed all across the globe. Users access this data through the internet.

Businesses switching to the cloud, experience more benefits and advantages than those who don’t. There is no more handling of large data centers and instead, business becomes more reliable, saves on costs, flexible, agile, and efficient.

  • Low Code and No Code will witness a boom
  • Cloud computing with 3D printing for customization
  • Large & small businesses will leverage hybrid clouds
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable tech will emerge big
  • Automotive, Healthcare, Production, Financial, and Hospitality are some of the industries that will benefit from cloud

Cloud is more secure than any data center as cloud service providers ensure security protocols and stringent tools to secure, encrypt data, and remove potential threats. If there is no cloud computing, losing one’s personal information and data can become easier. But with cloud, data is protected and not lost as it gets automatically saved in the cloud.

This is as simple as transitioning to a new home. A cloud service provider handles the major part of the workflow of the shifting process and moves all data to the cloud without any hassle. All that you need is a strong bandwidth to move such a heavy load of data.