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  • A Magento Marketplace extension turns a store into a thriving online marketplace similar to Amazon.
  • Sellers have complete control over the vendor Cpanel to manage their products, sales, invoices, shipments, and credit memos.
  • Each seller receives a customizable storefront within the Magento Marketplace.
  • The marketplace owner earns a set fee for each order received by a seller.
  • Customers can leave reviews and ratings for sellers after an order is placed, allowing for a positive shopping experience and reputation building.
  • Magento offers hundreds of multi-vendor marketplace extensions across Customer Support, Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Payment & Security, Shipping & Fulfillment, Site Optimization, and more.

Key Features of Magento Marketplace

Standard Features of a Marketplace Extension

Seller Login

  • Separate vendor and marketplace administrator login for added security.

Seller Dashboard

  • Gives sellers a detailed overview of their storefront.

Supported Product Types

  • Supports the largest number of Magento products.

Multi-language Support

  • Support for multiple languages is available.

Supported Payment Methods

  • A variety of payment methods are supported, and this keeps growing.

Vendor Groups

  • Create seller groups for easy management of large numbers of sellers and create a tiered fee schedule.

Manage Transactions

  • Manage all credit transactions from vendors using the transaction manager.

Custom Store Fronts

  • Sellers can customize their storefront using a guided graphical user interface.

Extension Modes

  • 3 different extension modes to customize the ordering experience.

Manage Vendors

  • A marketplace owner can manage vendors from a single Magento back-end.

Manage Vendor Attributes

  • Marketplace owners can easily create custom vendor registrations forms.

Vendor Credit Account

  • Enables sellers to receive payments from each order.

Vendor Product Management

  • Vendors can manage and view their products and inventory.

Vendor Order Management

  • Vendors can manage and view their storefronts orders, invoices, and credit memos.

Responsive Vendor Cpanel

  • Manage your storefront from any device and from anywhere.

Open Source & Customizable

  • The marketplace extension follows Magento’s best practices and code standards.

Additional Plug-ins for the Magento Marketplace Extension

Extend the functionality of a Magento store using a host of Magento Marketplace extensions.

Paypal Adaptive Payments

  • Allows website owners to accept payments from a customer to one or more receivers of the payments.


  • Facilitates, controls, and tracks the return or exchange of items sold to customers.

Vendor Reviews & Rating

  • Customers can leave reviews for vendors. Other customers can see reviews/ ratings of vendors.

Vendor Sub-Accounts

  • Marketplace owners can manage vendor sub-accounts and set permissions to access only their vendor storefronts.

Vendor Tax

  • Assists vendors in managing their respective tax rates for their requirements.

Vendor Homepage

  • Vendors can have uniquely branded storefronts.

Multiple Flat Rate Shipping

  • Allows vendors to create and set up multiple freight shipping methods.

Vendor Reports

  • This plug-in allows vendors to obtain sales and statistical dates regarding specific storefronts.

Vendor Advanced Group

  • A marketplace owner can set limitations and rules for each vendor group.

Vendor Master Password

  • Marketplace owner can access a seller account using a master password.

Content Mgmt System

  • Sellers scan, add unlimited static pages, & blocks for privacy policy, T&C, & customer service.

Vendor Message

  • Internal messaging system for vendors to communicate directly with the customer.

Select and Sell

  • This plug-in helps vendors create products very quickly by copy & modify data from existing products.

Price Comparison

  • A valuable tool that helps customers compare prices between vendors selling the same products.

Vendor Categories

  • Sellers can add unique categories. Buyers can easily navigate and find products in the seller’s storefront.

Vendor Featured Products

  • Allows vendors to feature products on storefront page, category page, or other static pages.

Live Chat

  • Vendors can communicate with customers in real- time. This is a must- have plug-in for any marketplace owner.


  • Vendors can control their page by providing calls for working with resources such as categories, products, & sales orders.

Mass Import/ Export Products

  • A tool for vendors to add large numbers of products to the store quickly & support the mass import/export of product stocks.

Vendor Membership

  • Create membership packages with varying fees and benefits. Members are assigned to seller groups, with specific commission structures and permissions.

Favorite Vendor

  • Vendors can communicate with customers in real- time. This is a must- have plug-in for any marketplace owner.


  • This plug directs a customer to the vendors’ contact page for assistance.


  • Lets a marketplace owner send updates to vendors. These notifications display on the vendors’ Cpanel.

Search By Vendor

  • Customers can search for products within a specific vendor’s storefront.

OneStep Checkout

  • Increase conversions by reducing the time to checkout to one step.


  • This plug-in allows vendors to sell products in an auction similar to eBay.

B2B Quotation

  • This plug-in enables customers to request quotes instead of adding them to the cart.


  • Vendors can create and manage deals for products on the storefront.

Banner Manager

  • Vendors can add static images and banners to their storefronts.

Store Locator

  • The plug-in allows sellers to display their physical store addresses on the map.

Advanced FAQ

  • Reduce repeated inquiries. Vendors can create a list of Q&A from within the dashboard.

Add Product Form

  • A tool that allows sellers to add products easily and more efficiently.

Vendor Attribute Options

  • Add new option values for dropdowns or multiple select attributes.

Vendor Billing

  • After the customer pays the system calculates commission and adds it to the vendor billing account.

Vendor News

  • Allows vendors to display news on their page. Create categories, add comments to a news item, add pictures to news.

Vendor Vacation

  • Vendors can display a notice on the store/product page if they are on vacation.

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