When Do I Need a PWA E-Commerce Platform?

Until recently, e-commerce companies that wanted to distinguish themselves from their competitors created and launched a mobile app. The development, testing, uploading of the app to the play store, ensuring regular updates, and promoting downloads distinguished the mobile app as a separate channel to be managed and maintained. It also required a budget, and only large e-commerce companies could afford the investment needed to create and market a mobile app. Interestingly, things are set to change with PWA.

PWA or progressive web application is an upcoming technology that is being used to make e-commerce sites mobile-friendly without the investment of an app. It promises to revolutionize mobile as a sales channel without the need for an app.

Once your website is built with PWA, desktop and mobile users can access an equally seamless experience. Few mobile users would even know they are using a browser and not a mobile app. Your website would be responsive to any screen size, work offline and deliver push notifications.

Irrespective of your organization's size, the benefits of PWA are many

  • Allow your customers to access your site and browse your store even when the internet is sketchy or when they are offline
  • Offer lightning-fast page load time and increase sales
  • Engage in a one-time investment that is more cost-effective than building a native mobile app from scratch. No need for iOS and Android versions, or to keep updating the app on the app store.
  • No installation is required from customers
  • Access push notifications to ensure your customers are always informed on what’s new on your site

If you are looking for an e-commerce technology agency to help you adopt PWA, reach out to Navabrind IT Solutions. As an e-commerce development company, we offer e-commerce website services and allied expertise across retail, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, services, and other industries. We help businesses adopt PWA, capitalize on customization, and seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions.

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