CPQ vs eCommerce:CPQ Best Practices for eCommerce Business

As e-commerce businesses grow- by way of product offerings, geographic reach, and deal size- your sales team needs to work faster and smarter to create bundle offers and share quotations quickly. While creating a quote, your sales team will need to list the clients’ requirements, coordinate with the team creating the quotes, clarify internal or client doubts, and then finalize a quote. This process that goes back and forth may take several days depending on the complexity of the quote.

In an environment where your e-commerce business is growing rapidly, and you need to respond to a client’s request for a quote quickly, a robust CPQ (configure, price, and quote) solution is a great way forward.

You know your e-commerce business needs a CPQ solution when your sales team,

  • Handles quotes with complex configurations
  • Supports dynamic bill of materials (BOM) mapping
  • Manages large volumes of data by way of products and the number of quotes to be generated
  • Wants to better track visitors to your website

If you are wondering how a CPQ solution can benefit your sales team, here are a few points

  • Automate the process of generating a quote – be they simple or complex
  • Provide customers the requested quote faster and with accuracy, even when your sales team is engaged in generating large volumes of quotes or when the quote is complex
  • Enable the sales team, even new personnel, to work smarter and create error-free quotes at the first go
    Maintain tight control on margins and close bigger deals with higher margins
  • Reduce the need for an SME to review and customize complex quotes
  • Reduce the time involved in training your team on complex product features, functions, and other variables
  • Reduce dependence on management personnel to review/approve quotes with auto approvals and email notifications

Build your CPQ solution

While e-commerce enterprises are adopting CPQ solutions, almost everyone has to first invest in a CPQ and then again invest in integrating it with their ERP. Often, a number of features in the CPQ need to be customized to align with the specific business needs of the company. Instead of this large investment, several enterprises are choosing to build their CPQ solution, hardwired into their Odoo ERP.

A CPQ solution built for the specific needs of your company has

  • No integration issues result from connecting with a third-party solution
  • No monthly/annual subscription
  • No buying a solution and then spending additionally on customization to your business needs

How will Navabrind IT Solutions deliver a CPQ Solution?

For e-commerce businesses looking for a CPQ solution, Navabrind IT Solutions can help

  • We build a customized CPQ module tightly knit with your Odoo ERP
  • We deliver a robust solution within weeks
  • Generate quotes in word, excel, or pdf
  • Do more with your Odoo data – be it customer, manufacturing, or inventory
  • Adopt features such as product configuration, guided selling, quote collaboration, and more

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