Reason Why You Should Integrate Your CPQ With ERP

Does your e-commerce business generate a large number of quotes? Does your company sell a variety of products making your quotes complex? Do the products you sell have a differing value-added tax which further complicates the quotes your sales team has to generate? Your business would probably benefit from a CPQ Solution. CPQ stands for configure, price, and quote.

Configuring, lets you automate the creation of customer quotes with a solution specifically customized to your needs. The solution is configured to rules that your company has set, and now the creation of a quote does not require a highly experienced salesperson who understands all your products, bundle offers, tech or product specs, various other costs, the tax structure, etc. A newer team member could still be able to navigate the solution that has an intuitive interface with drop-down options and auto-fills. This means a quotation that would take several days to generate can now be made within hours.

The P in CPQ stands for price and enables the automatic calculation of price, discount, approval process, and validation of quotes.

Quote empowers your sales team with templatized proposals and quotes that can be created quickly and accurately.

A CPQ solution lets you automate rules/configuration so that your e-commerce organization has complete control over pricing, can create accurate quotes, and closes deals faster. A good CPQ solution is also integrated with your backend ERP such as Odoo.

Why integrate your CPQ with your Odoo ERP?

The benefits of integrating your CPQ solution with your Odoo ERP are many. To begin is the benefit of the interoperability of data, avoidance of double entries, reduced manual effort, and faster insights.

  • The Odoo ERP can enable your sales personnel to quickly review a customer’s order history and track their buying behavior.
  • Integration between a CPQ solution and Odoo ERP allows your sales team to view open quotes, customer service requests, and support.
  • With information flowing easily between the ERP and the CPQ solution, you can communicate accurately with potential customers, trigger upgrades, receive suggestions to upsell and cross-sell and increase the size of your deal.
  • Once created, the quote can be mailed to the client. On acceptance, an order can be seamlessly created in Odoo with little or no manual intervention.
  • As a next step, the order can aid demand planning and eventual production, without double-entry or manual effort.
  • An integration with Odoo ERP also enables the sales team to track inventory, the various suppliers who provide the parts or products, the lead times associated with acquiring the material, and actual costs.
  • Integration between a CPQ and ERP solution results in no double entry or accessing of multiple systems for data.
  • Since all the information from the CPQ and ERP reside in the cloud, your e-commerce business can access your data anywhere.
  • If you are a manufacturer, your ERP likely also maintains the bill of material (BOM) for the products you manufacture, as well as the shop floor instructions, manufacture routings, instructions for your personnel, etc. Integrated with a CPQ Solution, an Order can go straight to a BOM.

Access a CPQ Solution from Navabrind IT Solutions

A CPQ solution from Navabrind is easy-to-use and lets your e-commerce business create a correctly configured detailed purchase order and speed up the sales process. It also enables your sales team to sell at the right price, with speed and confidence. Reach out to Navabrind IT Solutions to quickly build a CPQ solution as an integral part of your Odoo ERP.

  • We build you a customized CPQ module tightly knit with your Odoo, within weeks.
  • Generate quotes in word, excel, or pdf
  • Make the most of your Odoo data – be it customer, manufacturing, or inventory

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