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What is the -PIM Solution from Navabrind IT Solutions?

Odoo-PIM Solution is an AI-driven, feature-rich, comprehensive catalog management system. Consisting of Odoo ERP and a robust PIM system seamlessly built into each other to enable users to experience deep automation and enrich complex product information within Odoo itself.

As a renowned e-commerce technology provider, Navabrind IT Solutions identified a white space and built the first-ever innovative Product Information Management (PIM) solution within Odoo. 

The PIM system is not integrated with Odoo, rather it is developed as a seamless PART of Odoo so that it works like a breeze and gives your business greater control, visibility, and insights into your diverse product information and SKUs. 

No more external connectors, extra developers, or integration issues. Our customers in the Automotive, FMCG, Electronics, Fashion and Apparel, Furniture, and Trading Marketplaces industries love it.
Request a demo of our Odoo-PIM Solution and get wowed by how this product cuts your efforts and costs by 75%. 

How Does -PIM work

Configuring the Odoo-PIM Solution into your technology stack is easier than integrating a standalone solution  with a connector. With Odoo-PIM from Navabrind IT Solutions you do away with integration issues and subscription costs, and ensure your system is always up and delivering. Schedule a demo for us to explain how you can benefit from the Odoo-PIM Solution.

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Why Only Navabrind IT Solutions Could Have Developed -PIM

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The Odoo-PIM solution from Navabrind IT Solutions scales with your enterprise and is market-ready at all times. Its robustness, yet flexibility resonates with ever-evolving market requirements.