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Track production across any number of products and processes with the Odoo Manufacturing module.

  • Create manufacturing orders and pass them to different stages in the production line.
  • Customize manufacturing procedures using WorkCentre and other routing concepts.
  • Easily manage ‘Scraps’ during any stage of the manufacturing process.
  • ‘Unbuild’ a manufactured product if needed.
  • Assign different level users to oversee the manufacturing process.

Key Features of Odoo MRP Implementation


Access business information with a single click. Enable management to monitor key manufacturing functions in real-time, such as,

  • Manufacturing orders (MO)
  • Work orders, repair orders, unbilled orders
  • Edit MOs
  • Barcode


  • Automate scheduling with master product schedule, minimum stock rules, and make-to-order options.
  • Manage planning with Gantt Chart, ListView, Calendar View, Pivotal View, and Graph View.
  • Leverage master product schedule for forecasting orders and view by day/ week/month.
  • Plan manufacturing with minimum stock from the forecasted stock and replenish the product.

Define Flexible Master Data

  • Set a bill of materials within another to manufacture components of a product in another Bill of Materials.
  • Create a new routine for work orders depending on the routing used.
  • Allow your products to evolve and add configurable options when creating orders.
  • Create phantom BoM to manufacture and sell products in kits or to build replacement parts.


  • Get a clear view of your plan and manufacturing to reschedule.
  • Access available resources and plan work orders.
  • Manage bill of materials, track items in stock and production time.
  • Use the MRP scheduler to schedule your work at each work centre, based on their OEE and capacity.

Quality Checks

  • Maintain data on quality control.
  • View quality check details for products and review status.
  • Organize your work using the Kanban view of quality alerts.
  • Set priorities and write alert notes in the description.

Product Life Cycle Management

  • Track changes with the Kanban process for Engineering Change Orders (ECO)s.
  • Easily access differences between versions to track changes.
  • Track versions of products and ECOs as well as their respective documents. Merge different ECOs corresponding to the same BoM.
  • Store plans and worksheets directly on bills of materials and routings.


  • Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs.
  • Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the control centre panel.
  • Schedule maintenance operations with a calendar.

WorkCentre Control Panel

  • Set tablets at every work centre to organize work efficiently.
  • Record and register productions, scan products, or serial numbers.
  • Display worksheets directly on the WorkCentre with instructions for the operator.
  • Scrap products, create quality alerts and perform checks right from the WorkCentre.


  • Get a full upstream traceability report on the components used during manufacturing.
  • Track the cost of manufacturing orders based on the cost of components and the cost of operations.
  • Analyze work centres loads, productivity losses and track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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