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Benefits of integrating Magento with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Option for self-service customer reports: When Magento commerce can access data stored in Microsoft Dynamics, customers can get direct access to all interactions with the brand in one place.
  • Business intelligence: Access online sales and customer data from Magento through MSD and get a complete picture of business performance.
  • Process automation: Automate fulfilment and restocking of inventory and accelerate business processes, such as new product introductions.
  • Few or no errors: Enable the e-commerce store to display the latest products available and pricing information.

Key Features of Magento-MS Dynamics ERP


  • Integration between MS Dynamics and Magento supports bi-directional sync of new customer accounts, offline customer creation, account updates, guest customer accounts, additional billing, and shipping address creation.
  • Customer sync makes way for using Magento e-commerce store as self-service customer portals for B2B and B2C customers.
  • Finance and operations integration gives businesses a 360-degree view of customers and provides a unified shopping experience across channels.

Sales Orders

  • Synchronize sales orders for web and guest customers, backorders, offline orders, payment and tax details, order status updates, invoice details, shipping details and shipping tracking numbers, etc.
  • Automate order transfer and minimize order ageing.
  • Enable sales and customer service teams to access business-critical information that was previously not available.


  • Manage product information from a single system by syncing new product creation and updates, offline product updates, and product information.


  • Efficiently manage inventory and avoid overselling products, regardless of the origin of sales.

Tier Prices

  • Gain a competitive advantage by catering to diverse customer base with personalized prices.

Credit Limits

  • Extend the Magento platform to allow B2B customers to purchase from the e-commerce store leveraging the credit limits information residing in the MS Dynamics ERP.

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