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B2B businesses deal with large and complex ordering processes. To keep business going, they require robust front-end and back-end systems. Magento has a host of native B2B features included at the core of the application, such as multiple buyers per account, requests for quotes, and more.

Key Features of Magento Advanced B2B/B2C

Company Accounts

  • Magento allows the creation of a company structure that reflects the B2B business.
  • Company accounts can be set up from the storefront and the Admin section.

Company Structure

  • Create a company account that is associated with the admin login.
  • Create users who are associated with a particular division or subdivision of the company

Quick Order

  • Magento allows the creation of a company structure that reflects the B2B business.
  • Company accounts can be set up from the storefront and the Admin section.

Requisition Lists

  • A requisition list is used to create frequently ordered items.
  • Requisition lists save time during reordering because items are added to the shopping cart directly from the list.
  • Maintain multiple lists that focus on products from different vendors, buyers, teams, or campaigns.
  • Up to 999 requisition lists can be maintained for each customer account, depending on the configuration.


  • Magento allows buyers to initiate a ‘Request to Negotiate’ the price from the shopping cart.
  • The history of communication between the seller and the buyer is maintained.
  • The quote grid also displays the base quote as well as the negotiated quote.

Multi-Source Inventory

  • Using the multi-sourcing inventory option allows merchants to manage a particular product quantity from different sources or locations.
  • The multi-source inventory (MSI) allows users to manage sources for inventory location, stocks for each channel, catalog the product inventory, and orders.

Customizable Security

  • Set a custom path for the admin area, stop intruders, and use an SSL to secure web pages. Provide customers security when shopping.
  • Monitor security on the platform and release new security patches to plug vulnerabilities.
  • Merchants and developers get tools and documentation to keep their online stores safe.

Access to a large community

  • Magento is an open-source platform and currently has more than 300,000 developers around the world.
  • Over 250,000 businesses use the platform.
  • Users can access a huge library of third-party extensions to add just about any functionality to their online store.
  • Magento also supports a wide variety of third-party integrations, making it possible to customize.

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