About Our Client - Shridhan Automation

Shridhan Automation, a distinguished manufacturer of field instrumentation for critical industries like Oil & Gas, Power, and Pharmaceuticals was facing critical challenges with their existing accounting system.

While the company had integrated Odoo into key functions such as sales, purchase, inventory, and manufacturing, they still relied on Tally for accounting due to staff familiarity. With Tally’s limitations becoming apparent, Shridhan Automation decided to transition its accounting processes to Odoo ERP.

To ensure a seamless migration, the company partnered with Navabrind, a prominent technology solutions provider with more than a decade of experience in Ecommerce and ERP solutions.


Challenges and Drawbacks of Tally


Despite being a widely used accounting software Tally’s drawbacks posed several limitations for Shridhan Automation:

  • Lack of Modernization: Tally’s stagnation in adopting cloud computing and modern CRM capabilities hindered Shridhan Automation’s operational growth.
  • Non-Intuitive User Interface: The complexity of Tally’s user interface made it challenging for non-accounting staff to navigate effectively.
  • Customization Constraints: Tally’s limited customization options prevented Shridhan Automation from tailoring the software to meet its specific accounting needs.
  • Cost and Learning Curve: Tally’s cost, combined with the time required to master its user interface, led to inefficiencies and increased expenses.

The Decision to Transition to Odoo

In pursuit of a comprehensive and effective accounting solution, Shridhan Automation made the strategic decision to migrate its accounting processes to Odoo ERP. However, this transition required careful planning, data migration, and process optimization to ensure a seamless shift.

Navabrind's Strategic Approach

  • Data Conversion and Migration: Navabrind initiated the process by converting Tally data into a format suitable for Odoo and executed a meticulous data migration to ensure accuracy and integrity.
  • Data Verification: Post-migration, Navabrind conducted exhaustive data verifications, encompassing ledger-wise accounting balances, balance sheets, and profit and loss reports.
  • Process Optimization: Navabrind collaborated closely with Shridhan Automation to optimize their accounting processes within the Odoo framework. This included workflow streamlining and automation.
  • User Training: Understanding the importance of user adoption, Navabrind conducted comprehensive training sessions, ensuring Shridhan Automation’s team was proficient in utilizing Odoo ERP for accounting tasks.

Achievements and Benefit

  • Seamless Transition: Navabrind’s expertise ensured a seamless migration, enabling Shridhan Automation to maintain business continuity throughout the process.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The optimized processes in Odoo led to improved operational efficiency, reducing manual errors and increasing productivity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Odoo’s user-friendly interface benefited non-accounting staff, enabling them to navigate and perform accounting tasks effectively.
  • Customization Flexibility: Unlike Tally, Odoo provided customization options that aligned with Shridhan Automation’s specific accounting requirements.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The transition to Odoo resulted in long-term cost savings through reduced training time and improved overall efficiency.


The collaboration between Shridhan Automation and Navabrind exemplifies a successful migration of accounting processes from Tally to Odoo ERP. By overcoming Tally’s limitations and leveraging Navabrind’s expertise, Shridhan Automation achieved a seamless transition, improved operational efficiency, and a future-ready accounting system. The partnership underscores the significance of strategic planning and the right technology partner when adopting modern ERP solutions.